Social entrepreneurship initiative: discover the story of our family round-the-world trip for the benefit of a French NGO

A couple of years ago, within a social intrapreneurship program, my company initiated a partnership with a French local NGO (DIDA) which provides legal and material support to refugees. 


Indeed, we were all deeply touched by syrian citizens threw on the road to reach a peaceful country and we wanted to take our part in welcoming them in Europe. 


My family and I have been very lucky to be welcomed everywhere on the planet during our recent 9-months round the world trip. We wrote our adventure on a blog and the blog posts turned into a book!

It seemed a natural fit to pursue the collaboration with DIDA and we decided to propose the book for its benefits.


So, if you want to discover how it is like to travel the world with 3 children and also support DIDA, you are welcome to order our book through our leetchi fund-raising platform.


Note: the book is in French... non-French-speaking friends interested in the cause can make a donation on the same site.

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